cold-pressed, purified shea butter

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Our natural, purified Cold-Pressed Shea Butter is extracted from the nut of the Karite tree. Rich in Vitamins A, E, F, it is a superb moisturiser with great healing properties for the skin. Vitamin A is essential for improving a number of skin conditions such as blemishes, wrinkles and eczema. Our non-greasy shea butter can help decrease chapped, flaky skin, decrease the appearance of scarring and excellent for after-sun lotion as well.

Through our purifcation process, our Shea Butter will softly melt when warmed at body temperature and become solid again when cool.

Cold-pressed shea retains its nutty aroma, all benefits nutrients, and is a richer option than refined shea butter.

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Unrefined shea butter is great and has numerous benefits to the skin. However, these butters are processed with any water available and this can sometimes be hazardous as some contents may contain microbes and other diseases that can have adverse effects on the skin.

Our cold-pressed Shea Butter is only mixed with purified water.


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Can be used as a pure agent, in massage mixtures with other oils, as basic oil for mixtures with essential oils or for the enrichment of cosmetics. Our Cold-Pressed Shea Butter is 100% truly sustainable and completely free from pesticides, insecticides, solvents and chemical additives.

Our Cold Pressed Shea is also great for sensitive skin, baby products and face products (anti-aging skin care, anti-wrinkle cream, lipstick, make-up, after-shave balm, etc). Clients will feel thier bodies are annointed with rich butters and moisturizing oils that improve the texture and integrity of the skin with each use, this decadent cream will immediately feed the skin and leave you soft and supple.

best by; 18 months

Minimum order quantity 250 kg